The 9th Man

A Luke Daniels Adventure

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Luke Daniels is in London, between assignments with the Magellan Billet, when he receives a frantic call from an old friend. Jillian Stein is in trouble. She made a mistake and now her life may be in danger. She needs Luke’s help. Immediately. Racing to Belgium Luke quickly finds that she was right. A shadow team of highly-trained operatives are there on the hunt. Intervening, he finds himself embroiled in a war between two determined sides — one seeking the truth, the other trying to escape the past — a war that has already claimed one life and is about to claim more.

Thomas Rowland is a Washington insider, a kingmaker, problem-solver, but also a man with a past. For him everything turns with what happened on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. What history has recorded is wrong. There is more to the story, much more, and Thomas Rowland is at the center of that terrible reality. But forces are working against him, and Rowland will do anything to keep the world from learning what actually happened on that fateful day, including killing Luke, Jillian and anyone else who might be a threat.

In a race from Belgium, to Luxembourg, to the bayous of Louisiana and the Wyoming wilderness, to a final confrontation in the Bahamas, Luke Daniels confronts a series of shocking truths which not only rewrite history but will forever change his own life — as he comes face to face with the ninth man.



"Berry and Blackwood keep the pot boiling vigorously until their final surprise. . . My country, ’tis of thee, land of conspiracy.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“A crackling adventure thriller that deftly entertains readers.”

"Both for its suspenseful crafting, and for weaving in one of the oddest and most tragic “conspiracy theories” from the [JFK] assassination, this is one of Steve Berry’s best."
— KTSA (Texas)

"This marks the first time that Berry and Blackwood have collaborated, creating a suspenseful, believable novel [with] non-stop action and many twists."

“One of the best thrill rides you will read this year . . . In each of his books Berry connects fact with fiction, often to amazing lengths. What he reveals here adds credibility to an already breathtaking novel, catapulting it to a next-level experience.”

“A slam-bang adventure-mystery with so many twists and turns, you may miss a lot of sleep reading it!”
— WTBF (Alabama)

“A suspenseful and believable novel . . . This story has non-stop action with many twists. As with all of Berry’s novels there is a mixture of history within an action-adventure plot.”
— Mystery & Suspense Magazine

"An action thrill-ride right from the start . . . Fans of Cotton Malone will love this book . . . All action, with twists and turns. There’s two more Luke Daniels books in the near future, so bring them on.”
— Red Carpet Crash

"Fans of Steve Berry will enjoy seeing Luke Daniels take the lead, and he proves to be just as fun as Cotton Malone . . . a great starting place for those who have never read [Berry’s] conspiracy/history thrillers. What will Luke Daniels uncover next?”
— criminal




“What a wild ride! I've loved Luke Daniels since he was introduced in Berry's long-running Cotton Malone series as a side character, and I'm really happy he got his own novel (and according to the authors, two more upcoming sequels!). It was a lot of fun and I definitely can't wait to pick up the next one.”

"Blackwood and Berry show an adventure through Luke Daniels’ eyes, in an intense thriller that looks at one of America’s greatest 20th century mysteries. In a well-paced piece, the authors provide an intense thriller that is sure to keep the reader flipping pages well into the night. The story flows well and delves into possibilities that will create questions where none might have existed. If this is a new series in the making, I am curious to see how things progress and will be sure to keep an eye out to see what’s to come in the next few years.”

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