Three Tales from the World of Cotton Malone

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Steve Berry’s bestselling thrillers have mesmerized suspense fans around the world, but his novels alone can’t contain all the exciting exploits of Cotton Malone and Cassiopeia Vitt.  This trio of suspenseful short stories captures Cotton and Cassiopeia at their history-hunting, heart-stopping best. Read them as prequels to Cotton’s full-length epics or Cassiopeia’s series of novellas, or maybe just as stunning stand-alone adventures. Either way, this eBook bundle packs all the punch adrenaline junkies have come to expect from the bold imagination of Steve Berry.



The Balkan Escape
Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure #1
Prequel to The Emperor’s Tomb

As a favor to enigmatic billionaire Henrik Thorvaldsen, Cassiopeia Vitt treks into Bulgaria’s Rila mountains in search of a buried stash of exceedingly rare artifacts from a bygone civilization: the ancient tomb of a Thracian king. But when her presence is discovered by a shadowy group of Russians secretly mining the area, she needs a way out. Whom can I trust? becomes the question, and her life depends on making the right decision.

A printed copy of this story appears inside the mass market edition of The Emperor’s Tomb. This is the first of five e-book original adventures featuring Cassiopeia Vitt. The others are The Museum of Mysteries, The Lake of Learning, The House of Long Ago, and The End of Forever.


The Devil’s Gold
Prequel to The Jefferson Key and The Kaiser’s Web

For eight years he’s been plotting, waiting, scheming to kill Federal agents Christopher Combs and Cotton Malone, whom he blames for the loss of his career. But as rogue agent Jonathan Wyatt prepares for a final confrontation in a remote South American village, he makes a discovery that stretches back to the horrors of World War II, to the astounding secret of a child’s birth, to Martin Bormann and Eva Braun—and to a fortune in lost gold.

A printed copy of this story appears inside the mass market edition of The Jefferson Key.


The Admiral’s Mark
Prequel to The Columbus Affair

Cotton Malone never cared for the shady dealings of his brother-in-law, Scott Brown. But after Scott dies while scuba diving, Malone heads to Haiti where he learns that, beneath the crystal clear waters, his brother-in-law had found the sunken wreckage of the Santa Maria, the fabled flagship of Christopher Columbus. Setting out to piece together what happened, Malone quickly realizes that he’s not the only man there with questions—and that he’ll have to fight just to get out of Haiti alive.

A printed copy of this story appears inside the mass market edition of The Columbus Affair.



"In Malone, Berry has created a classic, complex hero."
—USA Today