The Balkan Escape

Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure #1

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Cassiopeia Vitt is an adventurer in a strange and forbidding land, in search of a long-lost treasure, right in harm's way.

As a favor to enigmatic billionaire Henrik Thorvaldsen, Cassiopeia Vitt treks into Bulgaria's Rila mountains in search of a buried stash of exceedingly rare artifacts from a bygone civilization: the ancient tomb of a Thracian king. But when her presence is discovered by a shadowy group of Russians secretly mining the area, she needs a way out. Who to trust becomes the question, and her life depends on choosing the right option.



This e-book short story (along with The Devil’s Gold and The Admiral’s Mark) is available for download in Three Tales From the World of Cotton Malone. A printed copy of the story appears inside the mass market edition of The Emperor’s Tomb. This is the first of five e-book original adventures featuring Cassiopeia Vitt. The others are The Museum of Mysteries, The Lake of Learning, The House of Long Ago, and The End of Forever.